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Take this once in a lifetime trip to some of the world’s most famous historic sites, discover many unknown facts and immerse yourself in the splendor of them all. Join us at Careways Travel & Tours, the leader in Holy Land tours, for a true spiritual experience as you follow the paths once traveled by pivotal Biblical figures like King David, Abraham, Moses, King Solomon and Jesus. Marvel at the beauty of these places and experience the strengthening and deepening of your spiritual faith.

A simple trip like this can transform your life in unimaginable ways.
If you are looking for a trip that is out of the ordinary and can have a lasting effect on your spiritual life, the biblical and historic lands of Israel, Jordan and Egypt are your perfect destination.

The 16 outstanding points that makes us different?

  1. We realize that you will most likely make this type of a trip once in your life time. So we genuinely work very hard to provide a    very good and memorable Holy Land Tour experience. Our diligent efforts will help you get the most for your money and time.
  2. You will see and learn more with us.
  3. We give you the opportunity to climb Mount Sinai. We have made special arrangements for an expert local Bedouin guide to help you climb by foot to the top of Mount Sinai to experience a majestic sunrise. For many people this climb is a special pilgrimage that has  deep, personal and spiritual significance. 
  4. Warning !! Don’t be fooled by our competition when they say “First Class Hotel”. First Class means 2 or 3 star hotel quality hotel only ! We give you the best Hotel experience – 5 Star.  The hotels we provide are carefully chosen.
  5. Lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Even the pickiest eaters love our carefully chosen restaurants. We have put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the food.
  6. As a special surprise, we have made arrangements for  you to have a “Saint Peter’s Fish” lunch from the Sea of Galilee .  These are the same species of fish caught by the disciples
  7. Read what independent newspapers have written about our Tours.
  8. We partner with truly the best local tour operators in this region – a relationship built over 37 years. Our partners have consistently proven themselves as the number one tour operators in this region. Our partners bring a keen sensitivity to the needs of Careways’s  tour groups.  Feel free to ask questions and your expert tour guide will provide you with even more detailed information about the history, people and culture.
  9. Travel in the Finest Luxury  coaches with tour guides from one of the region’s best and government certified tour operators.
  10. All admission fees and border fees are included.
  11. You will travel in comfort and safety.
  12. Tips to the Driver & Guides are included.
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  14. We bring you to  PETRA – the latest addition to what was formerly known as The  7 Wonders of the Ancient World.  PETRA is now also included as an UNESCO World Heritage Site .  This is an absolute must see  when you travel to this region of the Middle East !!
  15. Lowest deposit fee .  Only $150 deposit fee is required.
  16. Our cancellation fees are the most reasonable and the lowest.
  17. Committed to your safety and comfort.

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